Sunday, May 9, 2010

Road Trip August 1985

August 1985 roadtrip. On my way back across the country from Maine, I wanted to see Mt. Rushmore. I found a dirt road through Buffalo country...

South Dakota roadblock. My VW Bug was no match for these Bison! I had to just sit and wait for them to wander off the road. It was more than a little scary... that one on the right gave me a real threatening look...

My 1969 Bug took me from California all the way to Maine. No problems at all. It also didn't have any rust. None at all..... Until Maine.... where every nick and scratch and unpainted surface rusted over in the two weeks I spent in Maine. In spite of the rust the Bug took me back to California as well as to work and back for many years to come before I finally sold it in 1992.


®osadimaggio63 said...

Hi Keith, questi bisonti fanno veramente paura se si è troppo vicini... ma sono veramente delle magnifiche bestie.
La tua Wolkswagen è veramente fantastica per ciò che questa auto ha rappresentato !
Peccato che sia vecchia, auto così non se ne fanno più !

Anonymous said...

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