Friday, April 22, 2011

Skywatch Friday, Death Valley

Approaching storm.
Looking across Death Valley from Badwater Basin.
It doesn't often rain in Death Valley, but I managed to visit when it did!
The wind was blowing up to 50mph across the dry lakebed. I couldn't hold the camera steady because of the gusty winds. The next night and the following day it rained in Death Valley and snowed in the surrounding mountains.


Owlfarmer said...

Now that is luck! The shot's great, and it must have been wonderful to enjoy the rain. I got there just after a downpour once, and within an hour or two, the place was abloom with tiny flowers.

Thanks for sharing this, and happy Earthday Skywatch Friday!

Pat said...

Gorgeous clouds! There's nothing like Death Valley in the springtime!

lizziviggi said...

Wow! What a dramatic photo! You were in the right place at the right time.

Linnea said...

Well, the storm makes for dramatic skies at least...

Magical Mystical Teacher said...

Is that really a dry lake bed? It looks like water!


I wonder why
Some love the sky
But not the wind and rain.

I wonder, friend,
If sky will end—
It’s too much for my brain!

© by Magical Mystical Teacher

Tree Folk & Sky

ros@dimaggio63 said...

Magnifica foto !
Happy Easter by Igor e Myriam :)

Keith W said...

Looks like water, but it is salt!

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